星期二至六 13:00~19:30



➔ 找到 旺角站 E2 出口
➥ 經過 銀行中心廣場 找到 彌敦道
➥ 經過 東亞銀行、一個舖位 找到 陶德大廈樓梯入口
➥ 升降機請按 1 字!:)


香港九龍旺角彌敦道 642-646 號陶德大廈 1/F 646 室

Special Business Hours

Tuesday to Saturday 13:00~19:30

➔ Found Mongkok MTR Station Exit E2
➥ Near Bank Centre Mall, Found Nathan Road
➥ Pass through the Bank of East Asia and one shop, Found stairs of Tao Tak Building, 642-646 Nathan Road
➥ Go up stairs and Press 1/F in Lifts! :)

Special Arrangements under Holiday or inclement weather will be announced in our Social media.

Flat 646, 1 Floor, Tao Tak Building, 642-646 Nathan Road, Mongkok, Kowloon, Hong Kong : 代訂代購‧可愛精品‧動漫周邊‧手辦模型‧可動玩具

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